Top tips for decluttering your garage during Covid-19 lockdown

Top tips for decluttering your garage during Covid-19 lockdown

With the vast majority of the country on lockdown, now can be a good time for clearing out your garage.

The garage is often a convenient dumping ground for all those bits that don’t fit anywhere else.

Sometimes so much so that you can’t even fit the car in the garage. Sounds familiar? Read on to find out how smart organisation and good shelving units can transform the garage into a useable space.

Sort the Junk

Start by working out what you want to keep. This will determine how much storage you need. You will need to be ruthless … remember ‘if it hasn’t been used in a year – it’s time to clear’!

Group all ‘keep’ items to be organised later. Sell or donate what you no longer need.

For seasonal items or sports equipment that you use infrequently – consider a storage unit. You can continue to make online reservations and move in to your storage unit. No need to go to the shop for your move-in process..

Clean and Paint

Once the garage is clear, take the opportunity to paint.

Garages are often ignored, but it is valuable extra space so paint the walls and floors too. This will make it much easier to clean and will provide protection against mildew. Plus, it will be a welcoming space that you will want to keep tidy!

Map It Out

Consider what you have and how you are going to use it.

How much storage do you need? Do you need a workbench or a work area? How will you access your equipment? Will you garage your car?

Map it out to achieve the optimal use of space – that still allows you to get in and out!

Remember to group items together – so gardening equipment, DIY tools, car parts etc. This will help you to find what you need, when you need it.

Stack the Shelves

Freestanding shelving units are the best option for a garage. They are strong and sturdy enough to contain heavy items.

Our tip is to choose metal units – they will withstand the high and low temperatures in a garage.

Box up smaller bits and pieces to keep clutter under control. Use labels to clearly show what is contained within each box – much easier to find what you need!

Always put heaviest items on bottom shelves and most frequent items at eye-level. Everything else can be placed at the top.

Peg It Up

Pegboards are also great if you have multiple tools.

Everything will be within easy reach and neatly organised. If you draw around your tools this will give you an obvious return spot with a quick glance. Effortless organisation.

Magnetic Appeal

Magnetic strips are also a smart option for easily and neatly storing tools.

You can buy metallic knife strips which would work – just attach to the walls or the front of shelves and you’ll get instant storage for drill bits, screwdrivers or scissors.

Small Drawers

Small nuts and bolts are easily lost, so a small chest with pull out drawers is a simple way to keep these parts organised.

Choose transparent plastic so you can see what you need more easily. Label the drawers too for even better organisation!

Well Equipped

For gardening equipment – a simple peg rack will do the trick. Neat and tidy – no need to rummage for a rake!

Aim High

When you have maximised the wall space – check out your garage roof.

If there is some height to the ceiling you might find some excellent spaces for sneaky storage. Plastic containers on rails work well or try wire racks. Probably best, however, to keep this area for seldom used items.

You could also place hooks here to create storage for bikes and other sports equipment. A clever use of space!

Once you have created your zones, optimised storage options and neatly arranged your garage… there should be space for a car.

A word of warning though – garages quickly clutter again, so keep on top of it and always put your stuff away after use.

Have you transformed your garage during lockdown?
Let us know your top tips in the comments below.

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