How To Pack Toys For Moving

How To Pack Toys For Moving

Moving day is stressful. Breaking a toy during a house move is unbearable!

Follow our advice to make sure your little one’s toys are perfectly packed and safe for their journey to the new house.

What you need:
  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper / bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Pen

Boxes and packing materials are available at your local Shurgard center.

What to do:
  1. Wash, clean and dry any dirty toys. Remove all batteries.
  2. Group smaller but durable items, like Lego and cars, together. Place into bags and zip up or tie the ends to stop everything falling out.
  3. Securely tape up the bottom of your boxes and line with packing paper or tea towels.
  4. Place larger toys directly into the box.
  5. Put the smaller items into the box around the larger toys. Nestle them securely into any draws or compartments of the larger toys where possible.
  6. Delicate items like Doll’s House furniture or small figurines should be packed in separate boxes. Wrap these items individually in paper or bubble wrap first. Carefully place them into a box and pad it with paper or towels to stop anything moving during the journey. Mark this box as fragile.
  7. Ensure craft supplies (paint, playdoh) are sealed before packing. Loose items like beads should be packed into containers.
  8. Tape up securely and label all boxes with the contents.
Top Tips
  • Ask your child to pick a toy they will keep with them during the move. Keeping a familiar object nearby will help with the transition.
  • Sort first!! So many toys – what do they no longer need? Donate, sell or dispose of items they will not use. Do this before you pack it and move to the new house!
  • Store seasonal toys, or bulky objects like trampolines. This frees up space in the new house while you unpack and adjust to the new location. Bulky items can return when you are ready. Swap in seasonal toys (sand pits, bikes) when the weather changes.
  • Shurgard Self-Storage have affordable units which really helps to ease the stress during a house move. Book your unit online – short or longer term options available. Plus different size units for toys of any size!

Have you moved with children recently? Any other advice?

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