How to Pack Up Books for Moving

How to Pack Up Books for Moving

Books are a fantastic way to escape or change your mood. They also feel great and look good. A book display can be as beautiful as a piece of art! So, when it comes to moving them, be sure to pack them with the love they deserve.

We’ve listed up our top tips for safely exporting your library to a new location.

What you’ll need

– Small Moving Boxes
– Tape
– Paper
– Packing Peanuts

What to do

Pick the right box

Small moving boxes like the ones in our starters pack are ideal for packing books. Too many books will quickly become a burden to move.

We recommend opting for new boxes too as you don’t want to risk any moisture from used boxes transferring to your books. Remember to securely tape the bottom of the box.

Get protection

Create some padding at the bottom of the box with screwed up paper or packing peanuts.

If you have fragile or valuable books, wrap them in paper first for added protection. If you are planning to store books for a long time, use acid-free paper for the best protection.

For any books that require further support, place cardboard between each one to keep the spine straight and prevent any movement and damage.

Hardbacks vs. Paperback

Hardback books are best packed with their spine against the side of the box and standing upright. They should be packed tightly so there is minimal movement.

Paperback books can be packed standing up like hardback books, but they can also be packed lying down flat and stacked on top of each other. Remember to put heaviest books at the bottom!

Fill out any gaps with packing peanuts or paper so they are nice and secure.

Shut up

Shut up the box and secure it with tape. Mark the box ‘books’ and it’s ready to be moved.

Find a proper storage space

If you need to store your books for a while, avoid anywhere that might get hot, wet or is exposed to light as these conditions will deteriorate your books over time. A clean and dry storage unit is a great option to preserve your classics.

What book would you store to give to another generation to read? Let us know in the comments below!

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