How to Pack Your Mattress and Bedding

How to Pack Your Mattress and Bedding

We all need our beauty sleep! After a day moving to a new house you’ll definitely need some – and there’s nothing better than curling up into your own bed, right?

So, whether you’re just moving your bed between houses, or it is going into to storage while your kids are away at university (turning that room into a gym perhaps?!), be sure to pack and store it right!

Here’s what you need to know:

Clear the bed

Start by removing all the bedding. All sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases should be washed, dried and neatly followed into a moving box of their own. You’ll want to get tucked under fresh clean sheets for your first night in your new house!

Roll your duvet up and place it in a cotton laundry bag, or a large pillow case. Box it up too.

Now is also a terrific opportunity to freshen the mattress. Sprinkle baking soda over the surface, then vacuum it up. This will remove any dirt or odours – giving your mattress a new lease of life.

Find an accomplice

Mattresses and beds are big and heavy so unless you’ve got the professionals in, you will need at least 2 people to start moving your bed around.

Lean the mattress against the wall and clear a works space so you’ve got the room to do everything without risk of damaging or losing anything.

Disassemble the bed – remembering to tape any loose pieces together. Place all screws and small parts into a bag and tape to the bed itself. This will ensure you don’t lose those important small screws.

Wrap it up

A good mattress lasts for 10-15 years, so you will want to avoid exposing it to dirt and liquids while it is in transit.

Protect your investment by placing it into a specific plastic mattress bag – you can buy these at your local Shurgard facility. A mattress bag will ensure it doesn’t get torn, dirty or wet which encourages bacteria, bugs or mould. Not things you want to share your bed with!

Keep it flat

Some memory foam mattress will roll, but most mattress types shouldn’t be folded or bent (particularly if it has coils inside).

Take both ends between you and your partner and manoeuvre it on its side. A good tip is to clear a path from your bedroom to the exit, so you avoid the risk of knocking anything over when you get the mattress out.

If you are just moving your mattress from one place to another, you can rest it up against a wall when it’s not in use. If you are planning to store it for a while, lie it flat. And don’t put anything heavy on top. That indent should be body shaped only!

And that’s it. Your mattress will arrive in its new location ready for the perfect night’s sleep.

If you need to store your mattress for a longer period – storage units are a great option. You can keep big and bulky items out of the house and in a dry and clean environment. Wrapped in its mattress cover it will remain preserved until you need it. Find your storage unit at Shurgard.

We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed! What’s your top tips for making the perfect bed? Let us know in the comments below.

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