Moving house – expert advice to pack your plates

Moving house – expert advice to pack your plates

A set of plates called ‘Famous Ladies’ by Bell and Grant was recently valued at a cool £1 million.

Now, that’s a plate you don’t want to break during a house move! Ok, my set is Ikea, so cost is not such a concern – but I will still be annoyed if my beloved 8-piece turned into a set of 7!!

Preparation is key. With the right packing materials and wrapping and stacking your plates correctly – the full set will arrive in one piece.

What you’ll need

• Medium moving boxes
• Tape
• Paper – Silk paper is a great option
• Bubble Wrap

Your local Shurgard facility can help with all your packing requirements.

Prep the box

The best option for your plates is a medium size box – not too heavy, but strong enough to fit in your dinner set.

Start by securely taping the underside with strong tape, and then line the bottom of the box with crumpled paper, or for added protection use bubble wrap.

Wrap it up

Each plate should be individually wrapped to avoid them scratching or chipping each other.

Silk paper is a great option for protecting your fragile items. Lay your plate in the centre of a stack and pull diagonal corners together and tuck underneath until the plate is completely wrapped.

Don’t be shy – you can’t over protect – so use several pieces to provide adequate protection! For super fragile pieces use a layer of bubble wrap too.

Create a dish rack

Pack your plates vertically – don’t stack them horizontally as this can put too much pressure on the bottom plate. Stand them upright and fill the box.

You will also need to plug any gaps to stop the dishes from moving and banging around. Use tea towels or spare paper to securely fill out the box.

Close up

Close the box and use tape to securely fasten it shut. Mark it ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ to ensure that the box is handled with care.

Follow these steps, and your plates will be safely packed and ready for moving and storing. No need to turn moving day into a Greek plate smashing session!!

Shurgard has plenty of packing tips, including How to pack your China Like a Pro. Preparation and the right materials will make sure all your treasured possessions are moved and stored in one piece.

Got any more top packing tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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