How to Pack your Television for Moving – Do’s & Don’ts

How to Pack your Television for Moving – Do’s & Don’ts

The TV has probably been your entertainment during endless hours of packing up your house. Consequently, the TV is usually one of the last things to get packed up. But – don’t rush this part!

TVs are expensive, heavy, fragile and easily scratched and broken. You need to make sure you prepare and pack properly to safely move your TV.

What you’ll need

• A blanket or foam layer
• Bubblewrap, styrofoam or packing peanuts
• A large cardboard box
• Tape

What to do

Take a photo

Start by taking a photo of the back of your TV. So many cables and wires! A quick snapshot will make setting up your TV much easier when you get it to the other side.

Wrap up the cables

Unplug power cables and tape together. Remove all other leads – wrap them up and secure with a cable tie. Place all leads, accessories and remotes into a separate box and label the contents.

Remove from the stand

If you’ve used one, unscrew the TV from the stand and wrap and pack that part separately.

Dust away

Using a dry and soft cloth (you can get specific electronics ones), give the TV a quick dust. This will make sure no particles scratch the TV during the move.

Wrap it up

Cover the TV in a blanket or a foam layer. Then wrap it up with bubblewrap. Layers or protection are a must to stop anything from damaging the screen.

Place in a cardboard box

Do you have the original TV box? Perfect if you do. If not, you’ll need to find something suitable. The outer box of the Shurgard Starter Pack is a great option for TVs.

Pack it tight

Use Styrofoam, bubblewrap or packing peanuts so the TV is snug. Pack all sides so all parts are protected. You don’t want it rocking around in the box, so make sure you get this right.

Seal and secure

Tape up the box with plenty of tape, and label ‘TV’ plus ‘this way up’.

Keep it upright

The TV should be placed upright in the box and should always be kept standing when it is moved and stored. You need to avoid any pressure on the sensitive screen.

Protect it in transit

Place the TV between mattresses or wide sturdy cupboards so that it will remain protected during transit. You don’t want to risk anything falling on to – or piercing – the box.

If you follow these steps, your TV will arrive safe and sound in your new place. Remember to handle carefully and unwrap the box gently, use your photo to quickly plug everything back in so you’ve got some entertainment when you’re unpacking everything again!

Don’t forget to cancel / set up any TV providers as well.  You may need to send back equipment and set top boxes, so don’t forget to factor this into your planning.

What are your favourite shows to keep you entertained when packing boxes? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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