How To Store a Fridge in 10 Easy Steps

How To Store a Fridge in 10 Easy Steps

If you need to store a fridge or freezer during a house move or you’ve found yourself with a spare one after moving in with your other half, make sure you store it properly.

Fridges are important pieces of equipment – keeping food safe to eat and beer chilled!

They’re also expensive, so if you put a bit of effort into storing it right, it will be clean and shiny when you need it.

Gather your supplies

Before you start to move your fridge, first gather everything you’ll need:

• Bin bags
• Bowl of soapy water
• Baking soda
• A few towels
• Dust cloth
• Tape & cardboard

Follow our 10 steps to store your fridge

1. Start by removing all the food from the fridge or freezer. Food debris will attract mice and pests. A definite no-no for a stored freezer.

2. Unplug the machine, open the doors and leave the freezer to start defrosting. Place a towel on the floor to soak up water as the ice melts.

3. Remove all drawers and shelves and clean them in soapy water.

4. Disconnect the drainage line and be sure to clear out the water if you’ve got a dispenser or ice machine.

5. Mix baking soda and water (a tablespoon per pint will do) and clean the inside area to remove food particles. Don’t forget hard-to-reach areas like in-between the folds of the door seal!

Don’t use harsh detergents as this might crack and discolour the plastic. Moreover, you don’t want to use anything toxic where you will store food

6. Wipe the fridge dry with a towel.

7. Clean the outside of the appliance with soap and water. Dust the compressor and coils.

8. Leave the fridge to completely dry – this may take a day or two. Remove the doors completely or wedge them open with cardboard.

Remember – these appliances are designed to trap moisture, so you need to be sure it is totally dry to avoid mould.

9. Cover the fridge with a dust cover to minimise dust and dirt.

10. Use a hand truck or dolly to move it. It is important to minimise tipping as this can cause the compressor to fail – which is an expensive mistake.

Never lie it flat, particularly if you are storing it for a while.

Other tips to store your fridge

If you do tip the fridge (on/off the truck for example) it is best to let it stand for 48 hours before you plug it back in.

An ideal place to store a fridge or freezer is a clean and dry storage unit.

This will avoid having bulky clutter at home and – most importantly – removes the risk of children using it as a hiding space. Choose a ground floor direct access unit – drive right up and unload the fridge with ease!

Moving abroad or moving in with a partner? What’s your reason for storing your fridge? Let us know in the comments below.

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