Tyre Storage – How to Store Tyres after Season

Tyre Storage – How to Store Tyres after Season

Summer and winter tyres offer the safest driving conditions for you, as well as the optimal performance for your car. No question about that. The question is, however, what do you do with the spare set?

To start – they are big and bulky. Who’s got spare space? Moreover, you need to ensure they are stored in the right conditions to preserve the tyre.

Here’s the low-down on storing tyres.

Give them a clean

Start by washing your tyres. Yes, they get dirty everyday – but any dirt left on the tyre during storage will degrade them over time.

To cut through the grime use a specialised tyre cleaner and ensure all debris and gravel is removed from the grooves. Be sure to leave the tyres to dry afterwards.

Cool, dark, clean and dry

Never store tyres outside. Tyres dislike sunlight, heat and exposure to chemicals. All these elements will cause the rubber to deteriorate.

To start you can place your clean and dry tyres into a plastic bag and seal tightly. Label each bag with the original tyre position so you can replace it correctly. (Or you might want to take the opportunity to rotate your tyres to even out treadwear, if suitable for your tyre type).

The perfect storage place is cool, dark, clean and dry:

  • Avoid heat sources nearby or exposure to sunlight.
  • Keep away from devices that emit ozone (e.g battery charger).
  • Keep solvents, fuels or lubricants away from the tyre.
  • Ensure the area is clean with no sharp objects nearby.

A convenient option is a storage unit or locker. Your tyres will be neatly stored out of the house in the ideal environment. See more about tyre storage at Shurgard.

Store them right

The position to store your tyres will depend on whether they are with or without rims.

  • Tyres on rims: Hang them up or stack them in a pile.
    This is the preferred option, but most of us don’t have a spare set of wheels to store with our tyres!
  • Tyres without rims: Stand the tyre upright – this will help to preserve their shape. To avoid distortion and flat spots, it is recommended to rotate your tyres every 4 weeks.

Keeping your tyres correctly stored will preserve them, ready for when they are needed next season.

Any other tips for storing your tyres? Let us know in the comments below!

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