How To Store Your Summer Essentials

How To Store Your Summer Essentials

Yep. Summer is over. It’s time to admit it, and finally put away those summer bits and pieces for another year.

But where does everything go? Here’s the lowdown on how to store your summer essentials.

Garden furniture

Patio furniture, garden umbrellas and BBQs have served us well over the summer months but leaving them out over the winter will cause them to rust and deteriorate. Clean, cover and store are the best actions for protection.

Start by wiping down all furniture frames, machine wash seat covers and deep clean the BBQ. Fold up collapsible items like chairs, tables and umbrellas; slip everything into protective covers – if you have them. If not, use dust sheets.

Do not leave garden furniture out on the grass as the moisture can spoil the items. Keep everything inside in a clean and dry space like a garage or shed.

Summer sports equipment

Lay everything out. What you can throw out, or recycle? For the rest – categorise the items into similar piles. Smaller items should be wrapped together so they won’t get lost when stored.

Place all related items into well labelled storage bins so they can easily be found. A good shelving system in a garage is a great option here – if you have the space.

For larger items like bikes and surfboards, clean and dry everything before placing in their protective bags. Overhead hooks in a garage are useful for storing bulky items out of sight.

Camping stuff

Make sure everything has been cleaned. Wipe down the inside and outside of your tent and clean mud residue from the poles.

Everything needs to be completely dry before storing to prevent mould. Then roll your tent into a sack (try not to fold it as this can damage the waterproof coating).

Categorise all the gear by use, then place into storage bins and pack away into any available cupboards. Remember to remove the gas cannister from camping stoves, and batteries need to be taken out of the torches before placing away for winter.

A handy tip for sleeping bags is to keep them on a hanger and hung-up in your wardrobe!

Outdoor kids toys

Time to wave goodbye to the paddling pools, water toys and sand pits for another season!

Check everything. Get rid of the pool if it has an irreparable puncture; donate any toys that the kids will have outgrown by next year.

A waterproof outdoor storage chest is a smart choice for all the items you want to keep. These boxes will protect everything from the elements, but also keep all items neat and tidy during the winter months.

If you are struggling to store all these summer essentials at home – use a storage unit. Storage facilities are clean, dry and safe places to keep bulky or seasonal items until you need them again.

Stored, and out of sight – it will de-clutter your home and garage.

Need a storage unit? Shurgard Self-Storage has a storage facility near you.

What are you packing away for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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