How to Travel the World – With a Budget

How to Travel the World – With a Budget

Gap year? Career break? Just a great idea! Travelling the world is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Costs, however, can add up and make it seem prohibitive. Don’t let it stop you. A bit of planning, a bit of effort and you can travel the world with a budget.

A few things to consider:

Travel by Night & Save on Hotels!

There is something quite exciting about night trains. Maybe it is just the movies that make it seem romantic, but there is one big benefit.

Travel while you sleep. In fact, travel while you sleep and don’t pay for a hotel! Multiple benefits. There are numerous routes world-wide.

Here are some to inspire you:

– Bangkok to Chiang Mai
– The California Zephyr: Chicago to San Francisco
– Paris-Moscow Express
– Berlin to Malmo

Eat Local

This might mean supermarket shopping, dining at non-tourist venues, or street vendors. It will take a bit of bravery to try new things, but you will get an authentic experience. Plus, it should be kinder on the wallet.

Another good tip is to eat your main meal at lunchtime. Lunch menus are generally cheaper, providing better value than dinning out in the evening.

Book in Advance

If you have some must-do sights for your trip, plan these in advance. You can then allocate time and budget to ensure you get these done.

It will also help to avoid the possibility of overstretching yourself. It will be easier to make sacrifices and the right choices, knowing your attractions are booked.

Booking in advance can often get you the best deals too. So, apply this to as much as your trip as possible.

Get Appy

Download useful travel apps to help you manage your costs, find the best deals and get local destination guides. Preparation and organisation are key to get the most from your trip.

HotelTonight: Hotel Deals – This app gives you access to last-minute discounts on empty hotel rooms. Easy to use and quick to reserve, with 24/7 customer support.

Trail Wallet – This is a useful way to monitor your expenses on the go. Set daily budgets and quickly record spends – so you keep your trip on track!

Google Trips – Keep all your travel details in one place. This handy app consolidates all hotel bookings, flight details and hotel reservations from Gmail. You get easy to use daily plans without having to wade through emails. It also gives you suggestions for nearby attractions too.

CityMaps2Go – An offline map which will give you detailed info on your travel destination. No need to carry around guide books or join tours. No need to pay data roaming charges. Explore and enjoy.

Ditch the Souvenirs

Ok, it is nice to come back with mementos from your travels – but you don’t always have to pay money to bring something back. I mean legally!

Collect shells from beaches you visit or make a scrap book from tickets and stubs as a memento of your trip.

Be mindful about what you bring back for friends and family too. Most people just want you to have an amazing experience.

Be Flexible!

This is essential if you want to maximise your trip. Avoid peak season and peak times – your travel will be cheaper.

If you are willing to stopover en route you can save money. Travel to neighbouring airports might cost less. Tuesday flights are commonly cheaper due to lower demand.

Do some research and be open to changes. This will give you access to the best fares available.

Let us know your tips for travelling the world on a budget!

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