Gift Ideas for World Teacher’s Day

Gift Ideas for World Teacher’s Day

It is ‘World Teacher’s Day’ on 5th October 2020. A day to celebrate the dedicated professionals who are educating our children.

Now, we’ve always admired teachers, but after months of attempting home schooling – we are in even more awe of our teachers. This year we thought they deserve something extra special!!

Here are some ideas how you, or your child, can thank their teacher.

1. Thank You Card

A hand-crafted thank you card is not the most original idea – but it is a nice easy way to say thank you.

If you’re not up for crafting, a shop bought one will suffice – but add a personal touch like a favourite poem or book quote. This will be sure to make your teacher smile.

2. Gift Cards

A gift card makes a great present for a teacher. It might seem impersonal, but it is often hard to know exactly what the teacher might like. A generic gift card, like one from Amazon, means they have the opportunity to choose something they really want.

3. Food Gifts

Teachers need fuel, or caffeine! A delivery of croissants or take-away coffees will be a lovely – or indeed essential – way to show your appreciation. Start their day right!

4. Class Message

Get the whole class involved and create a photo or video collage of thanks. Each classmate can hold a word which spells out a thank you message. Print it out and add a nice frame.

Alternatively select a song that the teacher loves and take a video of everyone singing a line. Edit it together to create a lovely keepsake that really has the personal touch.

5. Supplies

Speak to the school office to see if there are any particular requirements the teachers might need? Maybe you can donate some craft materials or books for a specific topic? Helping with supplies makes a teacher’s life a little easier.

Alternatively, you could offer to donate your time. This could be volunteering on a school trip, or to help sew costumes for the Nativity play!

What do you you think your teacher might like? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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