Important things to remember when you move house – the story of a house mover

Important things to remember when you move house – the story of a house mover

Do you still remember the last time you moved out? I do! And I remember one thing: it all comes down to organization… and the right packing material!

At a certain stage in life, we all are confronted with moving out. As for me, my husband and I bought a small yet charming house nearby the city center, which was perfect for the two of us.

A few years later, when we had our first son, the house suddenly became too small. Some savings set aside, we decided to extend and renovate. What started out as a minor project, soon turned out into something big, so we temporarily had to move out.

Pick the right moving supplies


Listened to a friend’s advice, I bought various moving boxes and packing materials at Shurgard’s.

Extra strong cardboard boxes are great for keeping everything in tip-top shape. I also loved their wardrobe boxes, if you don’t know what that means, check it out. It’s a box with built-in cloth hanger rack so you can hang your clothes inside the box, no worry about wrinkles on your clothing plus it’s extra speedy to pack.

I also discovered things that I didn’t know exist, such as mattress bags and glass dividers, which made the packing sooooo much easier.

Finally the store manager gave me some really good advice (you should also read the packing tips on the website).


I sorted through everything in each room of the house and decided to sort everything into 2 categories. Believe me, you never realize how much stuff you own until you try to pack it all up!

  • Things we never used or didn’t even know we had; food which has passed its expiry date: I got rid of it
  • I packed the rest of our belongings all up in moving boxes: the lighter items like bedding were packed in larger boxes and heavier items were packed in smaller boxes.  More importantly I made sure to label everything clearly.

At the end of the week I was proudly surrounded by well labeled moving boxes in a house that would never look the same again, ready to move out the next day.

New adventure

The whole packing process turned out to be a quite time-consuming but very rewarding experience as I immediately found everything we needed once we arrived at our temporary new home. Ready for a new adventure!

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