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Invest in the best: four fashion essentials every man needs

Invest in the best: four fashion essentials every man needs

Sometimes it feels like fashion is changing as quickly as the weather. By the time you discover the latest look in The Gentleman’s Journal, the next season is being showcased in Milan with a totally different look and feel.

Instead of constantly debating whether to splash the cash or to give your bank account a rest, why not take the middle road? Invest in classic staples that you can combine with the latest looks. Check out our list of timeless items worth your investment.

1. The perfect peacoat

Living in London, you’re bound to need a proper coat to make it through the long winter months. Make sure you always look sharp and timeless (and warm) with a smart Peacoat. A classic winter staple, these can be worn time and time again. We’d go for one of these from Burberry, Kenzo or Calvin Klein.

Wool Peacoat from Calvin Klein – £300.00

2. Black and Brown leather brogues

Every well-dressed man needs a good selection of shoes for every occasion. To kick-start your collection, grab a pair of classic leather brogues from Church’s, Paul Smith or Harvey Nichols.

Classic Collection from Church’s –  £559.00

3. Slim-fit Jeans

Perfect for the pub or a casual work Friday, no wardrobe would be complete without a trusty pair of jeans. With so many washes and colours available, you could wear a pair every day of the week (though we wouldn’t recommend it). Try a classic fit from 7 for all mankind or a trendier dark wash from Brioni.
Slim-fit jeans from 7 for all mankind – £160.00

4. Holdall

If you’re not into the latest purse trend, try a designer leather bag like a Mulberry holdall. Longer-wearing than a cheaper high street bag, these are perfect for an unplanned weekend away.

These wardrobe staples will stand the test of time, regardless of what’s in-season. If you do fancy buying an off-the-catwalk piece though, keep hold of it, you don’t want to regret throwing these away in years to come when they make their fashion comeback.

Holdalls leather bag from Mulberry – £1,719.61

If you don’t have space at home to keep these pieces, consider putting your seasonal threads in a self-storage unit, creating your own store-drobe. It’ll create more space in your wardrobe for those new must-have trainers or your extra pair of colourful chinos.

What fashion looks do you love at the moment?
Have a go-to blazer? Share pictures of your favourite trends below.

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