5 great hiding spots for Christmas Presents!

5 great hiding spots for Christmas Presents!

Christmas presents are such a temptation! Some members of the household – not just the younger ones – can’t help themselves. They like to sneak in and take a peek at what’s going to be under the tree for them on the big day.

Keeping the gifts secret from those prying eyes can be a real challenge, so here’s our quick guide to hiding Christmas presents.

1. Wrap them straight away

Wrap all the presents straight away, that way, even if they do find them they won’t be able to see what is inside.

And if they do unwrap them you’ll know, and – whatever age they are – you can always reinforce the age old drill: if you haven’t been good, you don’t get any presents…

2. Locked suitcase

Suitcases are good enough to keep your stuff secure while travelling, so they should be good enough to hide presents in too.

Put your suitcase in the spare room, in the attic, or somewhere at the back of a large cupboard. Only the most committed present peeper will be able to find AND crack it.

It will also make the job of putting all those presents under the tree more straightforward, as you’ll be able to carry them down together.

3. The office

If you have an office away from home, this can be a fabulous hiding spot. Or even better, why not have your presents delivered at work?!

Squirrel the presents in your cupboard or the storage space at work. This is only an option if you work out of your home, though.

4. Someone else’s house

No, we don’t mean just anyone’s house, that would be random. We mean at or your best friend’s or neighbour’s place just down the road.

By swapping storage spaces with your friend or neighbour, you won’t spoil any surprises. If you’re buying someone a big present, like a bike for your kid, you might talk a neighbour into letting you borrow space in their garage until Christmas morning.

5. A small storage unit with us

If you’ve run out of hiding places at home, a small storage unit or locker can be the perfect spot as well. It’s convenient, secure and only you’ll have the key.

How do you prevent prying eyes from finding out what’s going to be under the tree for them? Let us know where you hide your Christmas presents!

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