Live green, get healthy and save money

Live green, get healthy and save money

Green living, or sustainable living can come across as frugal and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of practice, mother earth will have you to be thankful for. And so will the next generation!

Tip 1: Invest in quality products

Would you rather buy a vacuum cleaner that won’t do the job properly and will break after a year at £30? Or would you prefer to buy a good one that actually works and will last at least 5 years at £90? There’s your answer!


Also, if you need to purchase new home appliances, go for those with energy efficient class A or higher. They will have less impact on the environment and at the same time lower your running cost.

Tip 2: Ensure your home is well-insulated


A well insulated house means lower heating bills during winter, and more comfort during the summer. If you are going to buy or rent, look for double glazed or even triple glazed windows.

Tip 3: Switch to to energy saving light bulbs

LED light bulbs consume 10 to 20 times less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb. They are also 20 times more durable. So even though the initial investment seems high, you will get your money back in the long run. Hopefully the chart below will convince you!


Tip 4: Lower your thermostat during the winter


Don’t walk around your house during the winter in shorts and vest! Reduce your room temperature by just one or two degrees and put on a sweater instead. Or cosy up under your warm throws. Every degree lower on your thermostat is a 5% saving on the heating cost.

Tip 5: Air dry your clothes


This is easier said than done, we know! But try to air dry your clothes whenever possible instead of using a tumble dryer.

Tip 6: Change to a low flow shower head


Showering accounts for about 20% of total household water usage. Changing to a low flow shower head could save you up to 50% of water usage.

Low flow shower heads mix water with air to create strong pressure while using less water. This will reduce your monthly water AND heating bill.

You can also change the aerator of your faucets to those with a lower flow rate for maximum water efficiency.

Tip 7: Get a bike

If you happen to live in the suburbs, using a bike for small distance errands can greatly benefit your health, save you loads of money on fuel and benefit the environment. Yep, one stone three birds.

Tip 8: Plant some trees in your garden


If you don’t have the space, a couple of potted plants on the balcony will do. Trees help combat climate change, clean the air and provide oxygen…

We find planting fruit, or veggies can be quite rewarding, you can see the progress of your nourishment everyday and eventually your hard work will be, well, fruitful!

Tip 9: Add some plants inside your house too


This will help remove toxins from the air inside your home. Plus, it’s always calming and relaxing to be surrounded by greenery.

Tip 10: Shop with a reusable bag

The best way to achieve this is to keep a compact shopping bag in your bag or purse so you always have it when needed.

Did you know that to celebrate Shurgard’s 20 year anniversary in Europe, we’re giving out these practical cotton shopping bags at all our Shurgard stores? Go and grab yours for free!


Tip 11: Use less paper towels

Because the production of disposable paper towels has a great impact on our environment. Statistics suggest that to produce a ton of paper towels 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are used.

We know going  paper towel-less is close to impossible in most household, but we can try to substitute these with washable towels wherever possible.

Tip 12: Go paperless

Consider reading news online. The same for magazines – download your favorite magazines onto your tablet instead of buying the paper version. Imagine the amount of money you save every year doing this. And print ONLY when you need to.

Tip 13: Drink filtered water instead of bottled


This will reduce a lot of plastic disposal.

Tip 14: Think before you buy, think twice before you throw!

If you plan on throwing something away, consider the possibility of giving it to charity instead. Or store it for a while first to see whether you might need it later.

Or you can also give it a new life and purpose by upcycling it, turning it into something unique and interesting.

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