Living Danishly

Living Danishly

Denmark is having a real moment – it has for the best part of the last decade anyway. Knocking off Sweden’s Scandi-cool (especially thanks to everyone’s most loved / hated flat-pack furniture store), Denmark has held the top shelf position in recent years.

It has been frequently documented that the Danes are the happiest nation. With an excellent education system and fantastic state benefits, as well as the world’s best pastries and hippest furniture, what’s not to like?

While you may not be able to get in on the action of the first two, the latest two are within reach. Pick up a pastry from your local Pret and pepper your surroundings with stylish, considered pieces that not only serve a purpose to sit, store, and sleep but also speak volumes about your remarkably good taste.

Our favourite Danish design classics:

Wishbone Chair

Hans J Wegner is the undisputed master of Danish chair design. Wegner has designed countless chairs, many of which are internationally recognised classics.
His furniture unites form and function and the Wishbone Chair is one of the most instantly recognisable pieces. Starting at £500 a piece (depending on finish) they’re not cheap – check out Skandium for the real deal or pick up a much more purse friendly reproduction (read rip off) for £129 from Cult Furniture.

PH 50 Pendant Lamp

Electrical appliances manufacturer Louis Poulson enabled the Danish writer, architect and designer Poul Henningsen to create the first PH lamp in 1926. The lamp was an instant success, sold and used all over the world – as it is to this day, gracing the homes of the most stylish Scandiphiles. Available in red, white, blue, black or green for £508 from Skandium.

Egg Chair

An iconic design whose sculptural shell provides space to hide away from the world, the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen is as revolutionary today as when it was first designed over five decades ago. Those in search of a futuristic piece of furniture around which to frame their décor, look no further – this cutting edge design is sure to bring modernist luxury to the room. Get this textured blue canvas version from Heals for £4,724 ouch! Or pick up a replica from Voga for £677.

If you’re not quite ready for the financial commitments of an original design classic but still want in on the Danish action, check out brand of the moment Hay. While it keeps up the tradition of great looking furniture pieces, it also does a super cool range of stationary and home accessories – check out our favourites :

Colour faded wire hangers – £25

Plus 9 wool throw – £150

Another Danish furniture & lifestyle store gaining presence on the UK High Street is BoConcept. With an emphasis on fashion and functionality, the stores and online site are jam packed with stylish accessories, including our favourites:

Brass string magazine holder – £139

Spotty storage box – £16

Marble and glass ball clock –  £89

Clutter free is the name of the game to truly emulate the Scandi stylish interior. If you need to clear out to make way for your Wishbones (see – link to Magic of Tidying Up post), but your old stuff’s not quite ready for the bin, your local Shurgard could help you out. With secure units and 24 hour access you can rest assured your not-so-Scandi-cool pieces are safe whilst you get all hygge* in your new Egg chair.

* Hygge does not have a direct translation but in essence means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. It would also be described as ‘cosiness’ – something we’re super keen on!

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