Make a grand entrance with these statement mirrors

Make a grand entrance with these statement mirrors

Forget about those rectangular mirrors with golden bevelled edges – that’s not what we mean when we talk about statement mirrors.

Yes, those are statement mirrors, but they are soooo cliché. We want to show you mirrors that are… different, special and unique. Read on to find out what we mean…

Camilla mirror by Gallery

Made of various sized mirrors with matte gold frames welded together into one single piece, the Camilla is incredibly eye catching and will surely take the centre stage in any room you choose to place it.

Rise & Shine wall mirror by New Works

A mirror that can be adjusted to a person’s height! But Rise & Shine is more than just a mirror: utilising bold geometric forms, this striking piece is so elegant that it can also be used as artistic wall decoration.

Rise & Shine is available in a burned oak finish with a steel weight, or natural oak with a brass weight.

Hönefoss mirror by Ikea

The Hönefoss comes in a set of 10 hexagonal mirrors, 5 pieces in a warm tone and 5 in a cool tone. You can simply glue them to the wall using the provided self-adhesive tape.

The beauty of these mirrors is that you can fully customise by arranging them into something unique, or you can buy more sets of mirrors to get the size and shape you want.

Sun-shaped bamboo mirror by Zara

Winter in Europe often means dull grey sky. Why not bring some sunshine into your own living space with these mirrors from Zara?

Made from bamboo, these sunburst mirrors will brighten any room in your home.

Studio Rosso mirror – Republic by Fritz Hansen

Unlike other mirrors, this piece – designed by Studio Rosso – is made completely out of steel.

The surface of the mirror has been polished until it carries your reflection. A special process is employed to make the mirrors so that at the end, each piece is unique.

Adnet Circular mirror by Gubi

This mirror is created by Jaques Adnet, who is best known for his Art Deco Modernist design.

In 1950, Adnet partnered with the French fashion house Hermes to create a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. This mirror is part of that collection.

Made of leather with brass hinges, this mirror comes in 3 colours: black, cognac and olive, and in various sizes.

Francis mirror by Petite Friture

Designed by Constance Guisset, this mirror was inspired by an experiment of dropping pigment colours into water – the way they dissolve and vanish. The idea is then reflected inside the surface of each mirror by digital printing. The result is a unique mirror with vivid colours and surprising depth.

The Francis comes in two colours: blue and pink, and two different sizes.

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