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Moving from Central London to the Suburbs

Moving from Central London to the Suburbs

When you’ve been in living in the heart of the action, moving to the ‘burbs is a big change – but it also means you’ll get a lot more space for money.

The first thing to remember when moving further out is that living in the suburbs is very different, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the city life from time to time (after all, London does have one of the best transport systems in the world).

But before you trade in the city lights for the suburbs, here are a few things you should consider to make sure you choose the right spot.

Do your research

This advice probably sounds obvious, but research is essential!

Before you take any action, weigh up your options and research two or three potential new locations, looking at schools (if you have kids), local amenities and property types as well as their various costs.

Score each area based on a set of predetermined categories and then count them all up at the end to pick a winner.

Before you pack up and move your life, just make sure you’re certain about where you’re moving to – of course, you won’t know exactly how you’ll feel until you get there, but by doing your research, you’ll at least stand a good chance of picking the right location.

Think about your commute

If you’re working in or around the beating heart of the city, by moving to the suburbs, you’ll lengthen as well as hike up the cost of your commute.

So when choosing your new suburban location, think about not only the length of your new commute in terms of time, but also difficulty.

Some places in outer London require you to change up to four times (you could consider getting a car, but do you really want to?) to get to the heart of town, which could add an extra element of stress to your day.

Ultimately, as we’ve said, your decision will be based on a number of factors, but your commute is certainly something that should be on your priority list.

Embrace the ‘burbs

Whenever you move to a new location, your life will change to some extent – so embrace it.

You may no longer be living in the midst of the big city action, but see your new suburban location as a chance to set up a more spacious homestead, enjoy the birds and the trees, and strike the perfect balance between enjoying the city life on a Friday and hiking through the woods on a Sunday.

Find out what makes your new location unique and discover the spots that you love the most. Before you know it, you will have settled into your new suburban existence like your favourite pair of jogging bottoms.

We wish you the very best with your move and of course, if you would need self-storage to help you with the process, Shurgard is at your service.

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