New Years’ resolution number one : losing weight!

New Years’ resolution number one : losing weight!

After a week of celebrating, drinking champagne and slipping our feet under the dinner table, the verdict will come as no surprise.

Slowly but surely, these extra pounds have sneaked in and before you know it, your pants no longer fit. Losing weight is the most popular New Years’ resolution ever. But how do you get started?

To help you take the plunge and start, let’s first put some important TIPS AND FACTS straight.

Avoid crash diets

Diets that don’t correspond to reality will often work for only a short period of time. You will soon fall back into your old habits, or eat too little and therefore will not lose more pounds.

It is better to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Although weight loss will generally go more slowly, it is better for your health and also more permanent in most cases.

Healthy food makes us happy


Unhealthy eating habits will give us joy for only a brief moment. But if you have eaten healthy all day, you will feel good about yourself. And you will feel happier.

Do keep enjoying though!

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that you should never eat anything unhealthy. Occasional treats will actually help you maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A delicious cookie or piece of chocolate with your afternoon coffee is no problem.

Move your body


In addition to healthy eating habits, exercise will definitely help you lose these extra Christmas pounds. Because muscles are heavier than fat, pounds may perhaps disappear less quickly, but the long-run effects will be larger.

Moreover, it is proven that exercise gives you a good self-image. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Home gym fan

Personally I’m quite of a home gym fan myself. Once you have decided to buy a fitness machine – and actually plan on using it – it’s much cheaper than any membership contract.

At Decathlon you can already find some very decent fitness equipment for less than £200. Just consider at it an investment.


PROFORM Accolias Cross Trainer from Decathlon – £179.99

If you have the right attitude and discipline, home gym offers a range of advantages. You can change clothes, sweat, and shower in the comfort of your own home. Whenever you want and for how long you want. You are not bound by time and don’t have to wait until your favorite cross trainer is available.

You got in shape and lost those extra pounds? Well done!

Is your fitness machine taking up too much space and would you like to store it somewhere safe? Just check out Shurgard’s self-storage options and book a unit if necessary.

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