Our Favourite Ideas To Organise A Small Bathroom

Our Favourite Ideas To Organise A Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom in chaos? Toiletries on every counter? Towels piling up everywhere?

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, yet we still stack them with stuff!

If this sounds familiar, then getting clever with your storage and designating a place for everything will turn your bathroom from chaos into calm.

Here’s our favourite ideas to organise even the smallest of bathrooms.

Double Shower Rods

This product is so simple, but gives you double the space. One rod to hold your shower curtain. The other rod to hold your towels.

Perfect for grabbing a towel when you’re done in the shower, or to leave it out to dry. Genius.

Alternatively, hang storage baskets along the rod and fill with flannels, soaps and sponges. On hand, but neat and tidy!


Ditch The Bottles

Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for shampoo bars instead. Win-win. Not only is this pro-planet by reducing your plastic waste, but soaps take up so much less room than bottles.

Lush have a fabulous range packed with natural goodness. A small bar lasts 80-100 washes – that’s the equivalent of 3 x 250ml shampoo bottles! Save space, and the planet at the same time.

Clear Out

Remember, not everything bathroom-related needs to be IN the bathroom.

Move non-essentials out. Maybe spare towels can go in an airing cupboard. Travel toiletries and first aid kits can be boxed up and stored elsewhere.

The rule is: the less items you put on display, the less cluttered the space will feel. Make use of storage around the house, as well as out-of-home options like self-storage.

Roll With It

When you have a small space, you need storage that is flexible.

This rolling cart is a great option. It is already a slim design to fit into little spaces – but with the added benefit of wheels, you can move the trolley into position whenever you need it.


Under Sink Storage

Bathrooms often have awkward spaces – utilise these to your advantage!

Under the sink is a perfect example of an unused space that can easily store your bathroom bits and pieces.

What will fit that space? Look to IKEA of course!

Their RÅGRUND range of bamboo bathroom furniture will fit the smallest of bathrooms. One shelving unit can simply be tucked into a corner. Or double up to create stylish storage around the sink.


Hanging By The Door

The back of the door has double-use potential too!

Hang a mirror there if you don’t have any other available wall space. It’s the perfect place to check yourself in a full-length mirror.

Other options include using over-the-door towel racks or storage holders. We’re in love with these sloth motifs.
Who could resist hanging out in your bathroom now?


Sip And Soak

And after all that effort – you probably deserve a drink?
Ha ha!

We’ve got the perfect storage solution for that too! Urban Outfitters sell these cute cup holders that stick to your bathroom tiles. So, you can sip and soak.

Cheers to your new calm bathroom!


Is your small bathroom calm or chaos?
Share your helpful tips below!

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