Paul’s story: how to paint your home in a stress-free way?

Paul’s story: how to paint your home in a stress-free way?

Painting your home can be a huge project that requires quite some organising. Keeping your belongings free from paint, moving furniture out of the way … maybe you have even considered renting a storage unit?

Paul did and hasn’t regretted a single moment. You’d be surprised how much self-storage can help you to get the job done. Paul is happy to share his experiences with us.


Paul is a former interior architect. He used to design homes and sell designer furniture and fabrics for many years. Now he’s retired, he rents a storage unit at Shurgard.

The problem?

Paul WP

Paul recently bought a new apartment. The walls were white and quite rudimentary, so he decided to give the living room a fresh coat of paint.

As most interior architects, he has always had an eye for unique designer furniture. So during the years, he’s gathered quite an impressive collection of designer chairs which he wants to protect at all costs.

The solution?

Paul wasn’t at all familiar with the concept of self-storage, but his son recommended Shurgard. At the moment, Paul is renting a ventilated unit of 120 square feet to keep his furniture and library books undamaged while he’s painting the apartment.

The living room is completely empty, so Paul doesn’t have to move or cover anything. He has all the space he needs to work comfortably and the work is done so much faster.

Whether you are painting or renovating your house, you may need some extra space to protect your furniture from stains and dust. Check out how Shurgard can be of help.

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