Putting your stamp on flat pack furniture

Putting your stamp on flat pack furniture

Picture source: The Pink Dream

Our relationship with flat pack furniture is a love/hate one. It starts positive, full of hope, but quickly goes downhill when part A doesn’t fit part B, and part C is nowhere to be found… you need help.

When it’s all finally set up, you couldn’t be prouder of yourself – YOU MADE THIS! That is until you visit your mate and notice she has the exact same wardrobe as you, as does your 80 year old neighbour.

Going flat pack is supposedly the easy, cheap option but that doesn’t mean you have to end up with a cookie cutter version of what you saw in the showroom. Take a look at these ways to upcycle your new flat pack buys to furniture that’s as unique as you.

Colour your world

The easiest way to customise is with a quick paint job. Start by sanding, making sure to get every nook or cranny, to help create a smooth surface for the paint to stick to. Once finished, give it a quick wipe down, pick up your brush and get painting.

Start small with a neutral colour or go bold with a splash of red, orange or pink to create an instant feature. Add contrasting colour to shelves, bookcases or tables to give extra flair and dimension.

Pro tip: Feeling brave? Experiment with different paint textures like chalk or metal paint or get inventive by buying or making your own stencil. Now’s the time to get creative and let your personality shine through.

Flat pack furniture - 1
Picture source: Nicoletta Bram

Swap shop

One of the simplest ways to upcycle new furniture (without any mess) is to change the knobs and handles on the wardrobe, chest of drawers or kitchen cabinets.

Flat pack furniture usually comes with the bog standard but you can easily upgrade these by going to your local DIY, charity or trinket store or searching online. If you’re really crafty, you can even make these yourself.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid of textures like rope, leather and metal. These will give your pieces a chic and expensive feel without the pricey bill!

Flat pack furniture - 3-4
Picture source: Live Love DIY

Flat pack furniture - 5
Picture source: Brit.co

Think outside the box

Just because an item says it’s supposed to be used as a TV stand, wardrobe or table doesn’t mean you have to stick 100% to the instructions. For example, adding a simple cushion to a low TV stand can transform it into your own shoe changing bench.

Check out these flat pack items that are being used as something other than what they were intended for:

1. TV stand to end of bed bench
Flat pack pic - 6
Picture source: Brit CDN

2. Floating kitchen cabinets to bespoke hallway storage
Flat pack pic - 7
Picture source: Buzzfeed

3. IKEA kitchen cabinets (on their sides) to low bench/media console
Flat pack pic - 8
Picture source: Buzzfeed

Get stuck in

Don’t want to get mucky making-over your flat pack find? Why not have a go at applying decals? Simple and mess-free, simply cut the decal to fit your furniture, peel off the sticky paper and place firmly on the surface. Viola! You’ve transformed your flat pack in less than ten minutes with no mess to clean after.

Pro Tip: Try using a look alike marble decal for a chic inexpensive way to incorporate the marble trend in your home.

Flat pack pic - 9
Picture source: ATM Media

Flat pack pic - 10
Picture source: Little design corner

Need to make space for your new flat pack finds? Don’t get rid of your old stuff, you never know when it might come in handy.

Instead, store away old furniture and accessories in a self-storage unit. Safe and secure, these are perfect for old and new finds you don’t have space for now but want to keep for later.

Tried any of these flat pack hacks? Have some of your own that aren’t included in the list? Share in the comments below.

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