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Raphaël’s story: where can you store your paintings or artwork?

Raphaël’s story: where can you store your paintings or artwork?

There are many reasons why moving into a smaller home makes sense. Raphaël took the decision to downsize and found a safe and secure storage solution for his artwork.

Read on and find out why Raphaël is storing his paintings at Shurgard.


Raphaël is a young artist – a man with a passion – who paints from deep inside his heart and soul. He’s already had several different jobs, but painting has always been his one and only passion.

The problem?


When Raphaël moved from a spacious house into a studio, he soon realised he was lacking space for his paintings.

The last thing he wanted was for his artwork to get damaged. Even the smallest things, like dust or humidity, can damage a painting. Direct sunlight? Definitely a bad idea.

That’s why it was – and still is – important for Raphaël to store his works under ideal circumstances.

The solution?

Nearly 20 years ago, Raphaël entered one of Shurgard’s locations for the first time. The store manager advised him to store his paintings in one of our dry and ventilated units.

Thanks to Shurgard, Raphaël now feels relaxed. If his studio were to burn down, he would lose everything. Now he knows his lifework is safe. His storage unit is secure and permanently accessible, so he can see and cherish his work whenever he wants.

Are you looking to store paintings or artwork? A storage unit is an ideal storage solution for artists like Raphaël.

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