Say Goodbye to Summer – Storing Your Holiday Stuff

Say Goodbye to Summer – Storing Your Holiday Stuff

Camping under the stars, lying on a lilo in the pool, snorkelling in the sea… fantastic holiday memories!

But a right pain when the sleeping bags keep tumbling out of the wardrobe and you’re forever tripping on a face mask.

We all know that decluttering creates calm and order in your home. Packing up your holiday stuff is a smart way to streamline the house – creating more space for your day-to-day belongings.

So, it’s time to say bye, bye to these summer bits and bobs.

1. Holiday Clothes

It’s a shame, but you need to accept your shorts and flip flops won’t be worn again for a while! Pack them up and store out of sight.

Wash and dry all your holidays staples, then neatly pack them into suitcases (a perfect use for out-of-action cases!). Line them with acid-free tissue paper to help preserve the fabrics and don’t overfill so air can circulate.

For more top tips on storing clothes you can read our blog Ditch The Store-Drobe: New Season Swap Over.

2. Lotions and Potions

Clear sun creams, mosquito repellents and after-sun from your bathroom! These products have a shelf-life of between 6 months to 2 years, so before you store do check the expiry dates.

Dispose of any that will soon run out or see if any family or friends will use them.

Once sorted, place them in an airtight plastic box and label the contents. Keep away from hot and humid conditions (bathrooms are a no-go) and use a cool, dry place.

3. Summer Toys and Equipment

Got a mountain of pool toys, outdoor games and sports equipment? Start by getting everything out! Group all similar bits together and sort through. Donate or dispose of anything that is in duplicate or broken.

Once your piles are streamlined – give everything a clean. You don’t want to pull out dusty swim googles in a year’s time! Also, it’s key to let everything dry – it will stop trapped moisture leading to mildew and mould.

Deflate pool toys, remove batteries from electronics, and wrap up anything fragile in bubble wrap. Multi-use where possible – so pack small camping pieces into a rucksack.

Then box up everything ready for storage. You can use plastic containers or strong moving boxes – they will keep everything protected from dust and are easier to stack and move around.

Finally, label all your boxes. Much easier when it’s time for the bucket and spade again.

The same process can apply to all seasonal items – sports or gardening equipment, patio furniture etc. Prep for storage by following the rules: Clean it, Dry it, Dis-assemble it, Wrap it. And it’s ready to store!

Need more storage space?

If you have several boxes of summer stuff, you will benefit from storing everything away from home at a storage facility.

Shurgard’s storage units are clean, dry, secure and affordable places to temporarily keep belongings. Your home is kept clutter free!

What are you storing for summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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