Inspired by nature : some lovely ideas for your Xmas table decoration

Inspired by nature : some lovely ideas for your Xmas table decoration

There must be a thousand of ways to decorate your Christmas table.

You can get a full collection of fancy candle holders and cutlery bags in any store or online, but creating your own decoration will save you money and give you so much more satisfaction.

Put on your boots

We’d like to pass you on some great ideas to create a festive (and inexpensive) dinner table by incorporating natural elements.

Most of the material you will be needing, can easily be found in your garden or the park nearby. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, these three DIY ideas will work any time!

Candleholders made of tree trunks


An easy way to create a set of candleholders is by using tree trunks. Birches are ideal because of their colour contrast.

Use a hand-drill to drill a hole in the trunk and insert a candle. By sawing the trunks in different sizes, you will get a beautiful composition.

Also insert some branches and add some green of moss to give a finishing touch.

Whitewashed pine cones

During the fall and winter you can find pine cones in every park or forest. With a little effort they make a lovely contribution to your Christmas decoration.

Did you know that you can bleach them to give a rustic and whitewash look? Let me explain!

First clean and dry the pine cones and put them in a bucket. Then pour bleaching water on them (make sure they are all under) and leave them there for 24 hours. You will see that the pine cones are closed now.

Remove them and let them dry. It may take 2 weeks before they open again but you can also speed up the process by putting them in the oven at 220° for about 10’.

Your bleached pine cones will look lovely laying loose on a scale but you can also use them as nametags.


Red beauty

Red remains a traditional part of the Christmas colour palette. Classical, stylish and cheerful!

Our two favorite natural elements to introduce some red to our dinner table are cranberries and holly. Both of them make great combinations with floating candles, pine branches, greenery or wooden elements (e.g. our tree trunk candleholders).

No matter what’s on the menu for Christmas, the better the table looks the more your guests will enjoy your meal!
It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or expensive materials.

Good luck and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

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