4 Steps to Store Furniture Like a Pro

4 Steps to Store Furniture Like a Pro

Sometimes your furniture needs a new home. Moving house, downsizing, or an expat assignment might mean temporary furniture storage.

But whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, packing up your furniture correctly is essential to preserving its condition.

Step 1. Clean it

From your Florence Knoll sofa to your IKEA Poang chair, always clean before you store.

This will prevent your items from spoiling while they are packed away. Use a soft cloth to brush away any dust and clean the furniture using the correct product for the material:

  • Wood: Wax can prevent furniture cracking or splitting.
  • Leather: Conditioner will help keep it supple.
  • Fabric: Wiping with an antimicrobial cleaner will prevent mould.

Let the furniture dry completely. You don’t want any moisture to be trapped during storage. Give it a final dust goodbye.

Step 2. Break it down

Break the furniture down into its components. Remove table legs, flatten down wardrobes and desks, and remove cushions from sofas.

The benefit is triple fold. Much easier for transportation, minimises the chance of scrapes or dents, and maximises the storage space.

Remember to put screws and small parts into a bag and attach it to the relevant item. So much easier to find that nut and bolt again!

Step 3. Wrap it up

Next wrap up your furniture to keep it well protected while in storage. Materials like leather and wood need to breathe.

Avoid using plastic to tightly wrap your furniture, as this will only encourage mildew and mould. Instead, use dust sheets to protect leather, and blankets or sheets for your wood. Much better for letting the air circulate.

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items like mirrors, vases and picture frames.

Smaller items can go into boxes. Use good quality moving boxes and packing peanuts for protection. Always securely seal the boxes with strong tape or straps.

And afterwards label what’s inside!

Step 4. Store it right

Don’t be tempted to store furniture like a Tetris puzzle. Your furniture needs space in a cool and dry room. A storage unit at Shurgard is ideal.

If possible, place your furniture on a pallet to avoid contact with the floor. And leave a gap between your furniture and the wall. Giving everything space will minimise the risk of external elements spoiling your furniture.

Don’t stack heavy items onto a sofa or mattress either. This may cause them to sag over time.

And remember to be methodical and leave most used items at the front. A small aisle down the centre of a storage unit can be invaluable when you need to access something right at the back. Finally have a look at Shurgard’s expert storage tips on how to handle every step of the storage process.

Your furniture should now be happy in their new home. Ready in their prime condition for when you need them again!

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