Storing Away Seasonal Clothes The Right Way

Storing Away Seasonal Clothes The Right Way

Summer means maxi dresses and sandals. Winter, unfortunately, doesn’t!

For many months of the year you’ll be opting for warm and cosy instead of cool and floral. So, why keep out-of-season stuff cluttering up your wardrobe? Not the best use of space.

Our advice? Reclaim your wardrobe and store what’s not in use. Here’s all you need to know on how to store your clothes like a pro!

What’ll you need:

– Airtight plastic containers or suitcases
– Acid-free tissue paper
– Cotton garment bags
– Cedar balls
– Laundry drying sheets or sachets of lavender

What to do:

Wash, wash, wash

Clean before you store! Have a washing day before you start packing up your clothes.

This will really help to protect your items while in storage. You don’t want to pull out your favourite halter neck in a few months’ time, only to find it stained – or worse – moth eaten. Don’t forget to clean and polish shoes too!

Pack it properly

Vacuum plastic bags are ok for short periods – they’re great at reducing the overall volume of garments, but airless plastic is not your clothes’ friend in the long term.

For everyday garments, your best option are plastic containers with airtight lids or suitcases lined with acid-free tissue paper.

Don’t overfill though – loosely fold and pack your clothes so there is still room for air to circulate. For delicate items (silk, merino wool, cashmere) you’ll need to be more careful.

Wrap these pieces in acid-free tissue paper and place in thick cotton storage bags. Heaviest items at the bottom, and don’t cram too much in.

If you’re using specially designed wardrobe boxes – make sure you hang clothes using all loops to keep the garment’s structure.

If your storing clothes for a while – avoid hanging jumpers and delicates as they can become misshapen overtime. Fill shoes and boots with paper so that they keep their shape too.

The sweet smell of …

Cedar balls! Adding Cedar balls to your stored clothes will help to repel moths and insects. A natural and pleasant-smelling alternative to traditional toxic mothballs.

Freshness! Layer laundry drying sheets or sachets of lavender between your clothes.

This will help to keep a fresh scent in your fabrics, so they don’t have a bad odour when it’s time to unpack.

Keep it cool… clean, dark and dry

For storage think cool, clean, dark and dry. This will prevent fading and spoiling over time and keeps everything in tip-top condition.

You can use cupboards or under the bed for storage, but to fully declutter and achieve a serene bedroom – a storage unit ticks the 4 boxes – a perfect spot for your clothes while in seasonal hibernation.

Remember to do the switch each season – packing up winter woollies in garment bags so there’s plenty of room in your wardrobe for displaying your summer chic again.

What are your top tips for storing clothes? Let us know in the comments below.

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