Student self-storage – Our student house moving quick guide

Student self-storage – Our student house moving quick guide

Being a student is hard work, but it’s also lots of fun.

The typical life of the student involves a steady cycle of work and play, making it challenging and exhausting in equal measures. And to enjoy the best student life possible, it’s essential to have a decent space to call home during your time at college or uni.

A fresh year means a fresh start, and whether you’re a first year or a higher education veteran, anyone can use a helping hand and some good advice. So, here are our top tips for a smooth move:

Cull your stuff

You’ve no doubt accumulated a heap of items and academic resources that you no longer need.

To ensure you move into your new home with a fresh, forward-thinking mindset and that you make life easier for yourself, grab some bin bags and ruthlessly scour through your belongings, bagging up anything you don’t deem useful or valuable. Recycle and donate what you can.

Plan the big day

To make your moving day is as stress-free as possible, try to liaise with a friend moving in on the same day as you and see if you can make it a communal effort.

Pool together to arrange moving transportation and make sure you have full access to your new place, as well as a designated parking spot so you can easily unload the car.

Store your stuff

Once you’ve planned your student house move, physically moved your stuff in and gained access to your room – it will be time to unpack!

Take your time and be as methodical as possible. Check out how you can get the most from your new space by maximising the precious space in your student flat.

Party on

Hard work done? Great. Now you’ve finish the tough part, it’s time to socialise with your new housemates – a happy home is the best home, after all.

So, go down the supermarket, get plenty of food and drinks, fire up the tunes and have the house warming of all housewarmings – you deserve it.

We hope you enjoy your new student home and if you’d need a little extra space to stash your stuff while you move, why not store it at Shurgard?

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