Stylish ways to hide toys in your kids room – a guest post by Little Big Bell

Stylish ways to hide toys in your kids room – a guest post by Little Big Bell

If you have kids, then the sight of messy rooms or even that painful experience of stepping on Lego pieces may be part and parcel of your everyday life.

Finding the right storage solution to keep your child’s room tidy can at times be tricky.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you a few of my simple tips on how to organise a child’s room without compromising on style.

Use storage that can double up as decor

These colourful boxes are used to tidy away toy cars. You could even consider making your own pretty storage by wrapping recycled boxes in colourful gift wrap or patterned sticky back plastic.

Kids toys 2

You could create stylish labels for the boxes by using a Dymo label maker or chalk board labels.

Kids toys 4

Pokémon tins bought from Ebay, can be used to store a growing card collection and you can paint the insides of recycled wooden boxes to create shelves or use stylish jars or mugs to store small objects like playing dice and marbles.

A fun activity that you could do with the kids is to create your own personalised jars at one of those ‘paint your own ceramics’ centres in town.

Add a few decorative accessories to complete and balance out the look of the storage

The aim here is to ensure the storage is in keeping with your child’s age and interest but still looks nice as décor.

Kids toys 7

Use toys to store toys!

Kids toys 9

Use fun containers, such as this giant Lego brick box used for Lego figurines and turn organising Lego pieces by colour into a fun racing game.

Kids toys 11

Opt for under bed drawers for additional storage

The drawers here are part of a truckle bed and are an easy way to quickly clear up a messy room. They can also be used to store clothes or bedding throughout the year.

If you don’t have a truckle bed drawer, you could consider getting some under bed storage boxes on castors. Try the Brusali under bed storage box from Ikea for an affordable option.

Kids toys 12

Make use of alcove spaces with book shelves

You can also add a small chest of drawers and chair as above, to convert the shelving area into a clever desk space.

Use fabric laundry bags to house toys


The bags can be placed on the floor within reach or hung behind the door to keep the floor space tidy.


You could even customise the bags with iron on alphabet labels to help the kids identify where the toys need to go.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful. If, like me, you can’t bear to part with some of your child’s favourite toys or books then Shurgard self-storage could be the way forward.

Keeping a big box of toys and books safe in storage for a few years means that younger children can enjoy them in years to come, and they could even be passed down to your future grandchildren to enjoy too.

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