Ten things nobody tells you before you move in with your other half

Ten things nobody tells you before you move in with your other half

So you’ve made the decision to move in together. It’s probably been on the cards for a while and now you’re finally embarking upon a new chapter. Living under the same roof is exciting for many reasons; picking out furniture together, cooking romantic meals and the fact that you no longer need to carry round of a spare pair of pants.

Don’t get us wrong, we know you love your other half. But let’s face it, there are certain things you never really knew, or never realised, about them before living together.

Here are ten things nobody tells you before you move in with your partner:

  1. A trip to IKEA is not complete without a full blown row.
  2. UEBs (Unidentified Empty Bottles) Why are there SO many in the shower?
  3. Socks can and will multiple exponentially and distribute themselves everywhere.
  4. Girls leave their ghds in stupid places, usually directly in the middle of the bedroom floor.
  5. Cute little quirks like whistling in the shower will soon become very, very tiresome.
  6. There is always one side of the wardrobe where everything will just get STUFFED IN.
  7. They will have at least one disgusting habit. Toe nail clippings left in the bath = disgusting.
  8. Hair will get everywhere. Boys, you’ll find long strands of girl hair in your mouth in the middle of the night. Girls, you’ll find stubble in the sink every day, without fail.
  9. Even after six months of living together there will still be half empty boxes lying around taking up valuable space.
  10. Despite their annoying habits, having them there to whinge to (or just to sit in silence with) when you get home, makes up for all of the above.

If you’ve moved in with your partner recently, you’re bound to have suddenly accumulated a whole load of stuff you’ve never had before! Head to one of Shurgard’s stores to keep it locked away safely and securely before figuring out what to do with it.

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