The Lagom way of life: simple Swedish living

The Lagom way of life: simple Swedish living

We embraced the comfy Danish style of Hygge, but what about the new scano-kid Lagom? This Swedish philosophy is becoming the latest movement in lifestyle. So, what is it all about?

Not too little, not too much. Just right.

The ethos behind Lagom is about living life in the perfect balanced way for you. Now, doesn’t that make sense? Not too little that you don’t feel comfortable, but not living to excess either.


With a nod to Goldilocks and her perfect bowl of porridge, why shouldn’t we choose the optimal one for us? It’s all about embracing what makes us happy, but in a fair and sustainable way.

Lagom has been intrinsic to the Swedish way of life for a long time, and since they are commonly perceived as one of the happiest nations, perhaps we should be trying to be a bit more Lagom?

Here’s some of thoughts on how to:

1. Be sustainable

This can be the small things like re-using your shopping bags, using rechargeable batteries and buying eco-friendly products. Perhaps you can car-share or cycle to work.

There are plenty of ways to consciously make a positive impact on the world in our day to day lives. You’ll get a warm glow just from knowing you’re doing your bit.

2. Recycle and Upcycle

A similar idea to buying sustainable goods, it is a great idea to keep hold of and re-use your old items. Now, upcycling isn’t a new trend, but it’s the perfect thing to do if you want to live the Lagom way.


We’ve written some great posts on upcycling in the past, so if you need any hints and tips you can try Finding a Purpose for Forgotten Furniture.

3. A balanced diet

Think before taking that extra slice of cake or buying another coffee in a non-recyclable cup.

Plan your meals in advance so you don’t end up wasting food. Make do with what you have left before buying more. This isn’t about restricting yourself, but enjoying until you are satisfied, without having a negative impact on the world.

4. Take a break

Make sure you pause during your day. Grab a coffee, have a quick chat with a friend, listen to a piece of music. Us Brits are guilty of ploughing on without taking time to think, and that can have a negative effect on your health and productivity.


So, take a breather. Share a moment with a friend or colleague and you will feel less stressed, more energised, and ready to continue your day.

5. Organize

Balanced order and simplicity are also key components of Lagom. For example, have a look through your wardrobe and de-clutter what you don’t need. But don’t just throw it all away, there are plenty of options so your items can live on.

Give them to charity, sell them online, or tidy them away into a storage unit so you can use it again in another season. Shurgard has affordable units with access 7 days a week, so you can de-clutter but still get to your stuff whenever you need.

6. Balanced style

Beautifully simple Lagom style can of course also be applied to our home interiors to give us a more calm and relaxed space to live.

Stick to simple colour schemes to calm a room. This doesn’t have to be dull though, use different tones and textures to bring depth without being overpowering.

Use bamboo wood furniture to add sustainable chic, and make the most of plants to add life and colour to your home in a healthy way.

This Lagom way of life is about making you feel happy with what you have – a healthy work-life balance. To find out more you can read ‘Lagom: The Swedish Secret of Living Well’ by Lola A Akerstrom.

Have you become a Lagomer? Let us know how you have added some Lagom-style to your life.

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