Tick Tock! A guide to our favourite clocks

Tick Tock! A guide to our favourite clocks

Don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend! Ok, the bad bit is that we lose an hour… but the good news? British Summer Time begins!

We are edging ever closer to summer. What’s not to love about that. So, to celebrate, here’s our countdown to our favourite, yet affordable, clocks.

1. Sunburst Wall Mirror



This contemporary mirrored wall clock will make a luxurious addition to any lounge or entertaining space. It will reflect the light and cast beautiful shapes around the walls. Plus, it will be a standout piece against any colour background. Let the sunshine in with a Sunburst clock!

2. V&A Plywood Table Clock



Inspired by the V&A exhibition “Plywood for the modern world” – this clock celebrates the often-overlooked material of plywood. Giving off a scandi-cool edge, this minimalist table clock would be a super stylish addition to any bedside table.

3. Karlsson DIY Cubic Wall Clock


If you are looking for something a bit more unique – try this DIY Cubic wall clock. It adds a lovely pop of colour to any wall, and the best part is that you can customise it to your own style. This individual timepiece will be a fun talking point in any home or office.

4. Miu Yellow Patterned Wall Clock


A fun take on the traditional cuckoo clock, this will give your room a quirky edge. In a funky yellow and grey colour, a modern geometric print, and even a bird perching on the edge, this will be a fun addition to your home.

5. The Spectrum



This contemporary time-piece looks like a real designer clock, but doesn’t have the price tag. Based on the maths aid Cuisenaire rods, each hour is a different length piece of wood. A lovely, striking clock, in a versatile walnut brown.

6. Star Wall Clock



This beautiful star clock is delicate and captivating. It’s also eco-friendly – made from laser cut solid bamboo. It’s neutral wooden tone will look great against both a white or solid colour background, and positioned in between some lovely hanging planters.

7. Origami style Ceramic wall clock


This cool looking clock has a beautiful origami effect. It is made from smooth ceramic which gives it lots of texture and depth, alongside it’s elegant design. A lovely structured piece to hang on your wall and add some intrigue to your kitchen or lounge.

8. Newgate Clock



So, a clock list wouldn’t be complete without mention of Newgate! This iconic British clock company creates statement clocks with a retro edge. We love this glossy poppy red colour. It would be a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

9. Melting Clock


Inspired by the surrealist Salvador Dali, this clock is sure to be a real talking point! It appears to be melting off the shelf as seen in his painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’, adding a quirky cool to your home.

10. Wine o Clock



And how about something fun to end with – who doesn’t love wine o’clock! Still a functional timepiece, it’s also an interesting piece of art. It’s made from original cards from a 1930s spelling game. It can always be wine o’clock in your house!

Good luck with the clock change this weekend. Let us know your tips for adjusting your body clock in the comments below.

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