Time for a fresh start!

Time for a fresh start!

Ready for the spring season? Spring cleaning week early March is the ideal opportunity to freshen up our office and home.

Have a look at our week schedule to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment:

Monday: more motivated in a clean office


To be able to focus and stick to the essence of your job, it’s important to have a clean desk. First sort your paperwork, keep the documents you need and order them in your cabinet. Only items you frequently use – like pens or a notebook – should remain close at hand.

Keep a packet of wipes or paper towels in your cabinet to quickly wipe away tea or coffee spills. But rule number 1: avoid eating at your desk. Take a lunch break in the office kitchen or have a picnic outside and get some fresh air.

Now your desk is clean, you will have the space to introduce some small office plants.

Tuesday: decluttering day

It’s impossible to have the entire house cleaned in just one day, so let’s start at the beginning. First thing to do is to declutter. Get rid of the things you’re not currently using. You can either throw or give them away or bring them to your local waste recycling centre. Find it hard to part with certain items? Simply put them in self-storage!

Wednesday: cupboards and drawers


Indeed, people don’t see the inside of your cupboards, but you’ll be surprised at how effective your well-structured kitchen will be.

First empty the top cupboards from left to right, then tackle the bottom cupboards and drawers. Vacuum and wipe them clean. Now sort through your stuff and put things back in an organized way.

Thursday: let the sunshine in


Let’s wash some windows now the sun finally starts to pop up. I’m sure your curtains can use a proper wash as well. Don’t forget to check the labels to make sure they’re machine washable.

Friday: a fresh start for the new season

Dust, scrub, mop and polish every room in your home. Just take it step by step by focusing on one room at a time. From the kitchen to the bedroom, it’s time to get every room in your house clean, tidy and smelling lovely.

Saturday: get your garden or balcony ready


Now your house is spotless, your garden deserves some cleaning as well. Spring is the perfect time to remove weeds and dead plants. Clean your balcony and decorate it with some lovely plants or herbs. Give your garden furniture a good spring clean and make your garden or balcony look gorgeous again – ready for the summer ahead!

Sunday: spring clean your body


A healthy body is just as important as a clean home or decluttered office. Re-boost yourself by improving your eating habits – put more vegetables, fruits and healthy snacks on the menu to boost your energy.

Build in some exercise in your day-to-day life. A simple 15 minutes’ walk during your lunch break will already make a difference. Have you ever tried a yoga or meditation class? Let us know what your intentions for Spring Cleaning Week are and share us a comment!

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