The tiny house movement that’s taking over the UK

The tiny house movement that’s taking over the UK

Growing up, the dream was a house in the country complete with huge garden and pool. Then reality (and adulthood) hits and you can barely afford your weekly shop, let alone London rent or the laughable idea of owning your own place.

As home ownership becomes more and more out of reach, more people are moving from larger, expensive homes to affordable tiny ones. From luxury to mobile spaces as small as 75 sq. ft., the tiny house movement has crossed the pond and is officially catching momentum in the UK – especially as the minimalism trend continues to grow.

We can’t say we hate it, we get the lure of ditching possessions to go minimal. In fact, we kind of love it. Take a look at some tiny houses we’d be happy to settle in.

The country one

This cosy house boasts high beams, reclaimed wood and a seriously stylish wooden clad exterior. Equipped with all the creature comforts, including a mini wood burning stove, you definitely won’t feel like you’re roughing it in this 120 sq. ft. space.

wp 2

The country house wp

Picture source: Tiny house talk

The luxurious one

Complete with a chandelier, marble top counters, a living wall and a full size Victorian bath, this tiny house seriously doesn’t compromise on style. The house has an inventive ‘smart wall’ that transforms into a dining table, bed, or seating area with the push of a button. An easy way to entertain friends without worrying about them spilling crumbs on your duvet.

Glass of wine anyone?

Luxury house wp

Luxury house wp2

Picture source: Treehugger

The retro one

The wheels on the bus go round and round on this tiny house. Previously a working school bus this chic space was created by documentary filmmakers Felix Starck and Selima Taibi. Without any construction experience, they created it entirely by themselves after watching a gazillion YouTube tutorials – impressive.

After Felix, Selima and their dog Rudi finished their home on wheels, they hit the road to explore the Alaskan wilderness and are now planning to take their bus to Argentina.

retro house 1 wp

retro house 2 wp

retro house 3 wp

Picture source:

The micro one

This house is so tiny, you don’t even need a permit in Finland to start constructing it. Spanning over a mere 90 sq. ft. the “Nido”, or birds nest house, sits lakeside in the Finnish wilderness taking in views of the surrounding landscape. Created by designer Robin Falck for a whopping £8k, this tiny home is £465,000 cheaper than the average London home!

Micro house 1

Micro house 2

micro house 3

Picture credit: New Atlas 

The uber modern one

This home oozes minimal scandi – cool. A wall of glass lets natural light pour into the wood clad interior creating a warm, inviting vibe. Even better the home comes complete with a patio, the perfect place to enjoy a BBQ and some beers.

Modern house 1wp

Modern house wp 2

Picture source: HGTV

The adventurous one

Ever loved a new hobby so much you literally can’t put it down? Well that’s not a problem with our final tiny house which has its own exterior rock climbing wall. Our advice, just don’t give it a go while it’s on the road.

With a bathroom straight out of Houzz, we’d drive straight up to the highlands in this one and enjoy a long soak in the tub after a hard days climb.

adventure house 1

adventure house 2

adventure house 3

Picture source: Tiny Heirloom

Of course, living the tiny house dream means massively scaling down but it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your belongings. Instead, why not store your keepsakes and furniture in a secure self-storage unit? Later on if you decide you need more space or want to settle down, you can easily get your old stuff back.

Are you living the tiny house dream? Share photos of your home below and tell us why you love it.

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