Tips for moving home, by a serial home mover – a guest post by Extraordinary Chaos

Tips for moving home, by a serial home mover – a guest post by Extraordinary Chaos

You have signed on the dotted line and are moving again. I say again because we have moved home 8 times in 20 years. Why? Looking back I ask myself the same question.

At first they were aspirational moves, bigger house, better area but then it became more of an addiction. A hobby and a very expensive one at that, thankfully after 8 moves, 2 new builds and 2 renovations we are settled. And the funny thing is it is not in the biggest house, it’s the one with the prettiest views, rolling hills and sheep as neighbors. But finally my husband can stop breaking out in a sweat every time we pass an estate agent.

I feel this level of movement sort of qualifies me to give a little advice of how to get it right. Because trust me there are so many times we didn’t!

Organise your boxes to cause you less stress when unpacking


Invest in quality boxes, bubble wrap, tissue and tape. You may think you are making a saving using boxes from the supermarket, but not when the supermarket box falls through with your best dinner set inside.

You can also buy wardrobe boxes with hanging rails; these are a godsend, so easy to pack up and no rush to unpack. Giving you time to unpack the important things.

Label boxes clearly with a thick black marker pen as you pack them. Include information such as which room they need to in and what is in the box for your records. For bedrooms, number the boxes 1,2,3 etc. and stick a coordinating laminated card to each of the bedroom doors to keep the move seamless and prevent confusion.

Do not use newspaper to wrap breakables. After unwrapping a whole dinner set your hands will be ink stained and so will everything you touch. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are the way forward here trust me.

Which items you should keep in storage until your home is ready

If you are moving into temporary accommodation whist waiting for a new build, or completing a renovation, be tough with your packing.

Pack kitchen and clothing essentials and be realistic, are you going to wear your summer wardrobe in December? If you have a holiday planned prepare what you need and put the rest into storage.

I felt we settled easier taking less, having less to unpack. Safe in the knowledge anything we didn’t need was safely packed away in storage, waiting to be unpacked in our brand new home. If we had taken all of our belongings with us I would have unpacked them, wasting time and effort.

Best tools/tricks to use when moving house


Make a checklist, who to notify, utilities to inform, broadband, premium bonds etc. Tick them off as you notify them and when they confirm they have received the notification.

Pay to redirect your post to your new home. This is relatively inexpensive but saves you collecting mail and Christmas cards from aunty May from your old home.

Send out new home cards, postcards can be made online and are inexpensive. Save yourself the grief and put all necessary information on so you only have to write the envelopes.

This is an obvious one but don’t cut corners on removals. Use a reputable company. Yes, they may cost a little more but these guys are pros and worth the money. They know how to empty and refill a house quickly and effectively with no breakages. And if on the very rare occasion there are any, they will be insured.

The one time we skimped on this we sorely regretted it. But that’s a whole other story.

Things to do to make sure you leave nothing behind

Scaling down when you move.

Be ruthless when you are emptying the loft, decide if you really need to keep all that baby gear? Oh and the fishing kit you bought and only used once? If not take it to the charity shop or sell it to cover some of your moving costs.

Last time we moved I got our 2 boys to put all the toys they no longer played with into a box, I sold it all on eBay and made enough to buy them both a new I Pad.

Do a final sweep before you lock up and say goodbye to all your happy memories. As they are the only things you want to leave. Check in wardrobes, cupboards, the garden shed. Has all the bulky furniture you are taking such as wardrobes been packed into the van? Have you remembered your favourite plant and the curtains you left up and were planning to take down at the last minute?

Now breathe, you are happily settled into your new home, until next time that is!

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