How to prepare for the big move : our top tips and checklists

How to prepare for the big move : our top tips and checklists

Moving to a new place is an exciting adventure. But there’s a lot to do and you want it to run smoothly. Of course you can count on your family and friends to give you a hand, but don’t forget the responsibility lies on your shoulders.

So the more prepared you are, the easier the move will be. Here are Shurgard’s top tips to avoid moving day chaos:

Organise your move


Being well prepared is the key to success. So use a moving checklist – no better way to keep track of what needs to be done by who. Start the list early and update it regularly, so that every possibility has been considered.

Why not create a moving schedule or timeline as well with the tasks you need to complete week by week to ensure you’re ready in time for the move?

Declutter your home

Moving is the perfect time to declutter your home, sort through your stuff and decide what you want to keep. If you need to find a secure and clean place to store all those things that you won’t be moving, a storage unit can be the perfect solution.

Before you start packing, remember to gather all the supplies and moving boxes to make the job easier, such as tape gun, dust covers and black marker pens. They always come in handy!

Pack and stack

Pack the heavy things in small boxes and light things in large boxes, and be sure to label them properly. Group all the usable items together, like all kitchen utensils together and all the bedding together.


You’ll thank yourself when it comes to unpacking, as your list will help you find the essentials. If you don’t want to run the risk of searching the towels after the first shower in your new home, check out our packing tips.

Finally, remember to leave the vacuum cleaner and cleaning products out and give your house one final clean before you leave.

Many hands make less work

Hiring a moving company can be quite expensive. Why not get some friends and family to help? You can always turn the move into a social event and celebrate at the end of the day with take-away and some well-deserved champagne.

If you have children or pets, enlist the help of a babysitter or friend to entertain them or – even better – keep them out of the way. This will make a huge difference. It’s not only safer; it also means you can really focus on the move.


Lastly, make sure you’re well rested and have a good breakfast so you’re able to keep everyone motivated – including yourself.

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