Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Thinking of re-designing your home, but not sure what look to go for? We focus on 4 of the latest design trends that are firm favourites for 2021.

1. Cottagecore

If you’re familiar with granny chic, then this is the 2021 version! Cottage core celebrates an idealised rural life, focusing on traditional skills and crafts; it has found its moment over the last 18 months as people have stayed at home, tried new skills like baking and sewing, and looked to nature for comfort and calm.

The Cottagecore trend is typified by classic patterns, cosy corners and rustic touches. To get this look focus on floral patterns, use natural fabrics like wool and linen and accessorise with handmade items like pottery.

2. Japandi

Yep. That is a blend of Japanese and Scandi. Think simple shapes, clean lines, bright spaces and light colours.  So, if Cottagecore wasn’t your thing, then this is probably more you!

To achieve this look you will first need to de-clutter. So, if your home is feeling a bit overwhelmed – work out what you can donate, sell or store. You need to your home to be open and minimalist – and those surfaces must be clear!

The Japandi colour palette is clean and neutral, so opt for whites, greys and beige – plus incorporate natural wood (light oak is big hit here), rattan and bamboo into your furniture choices.

3. Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey are this year’s colour of the year, and we are big fans.  It is a fabulous and timeless combo which looks elegant and cool all in one go. These 2 colours work perfectly together and if you need more inspiration, we dedicated a whole blog to it. Give it a go!

4. Multi-purpose homes

We have all multi-tasked over the last 18 months or so, and our homes have done the same.  Kitchen tables have turned into desks, lounges have become zoom rooms, bedrooms have become schools.  The new normal is a home that is multi-functional, with space as a must.  That is a design trend which is still in demand, and likely to stay for a while.

To achieve this, you must be clever with space.  Zone out rooms with strategically placed furniture; invest in fold up tables/chairs/beds and utilise all the space high and low.  Storage can help at this point, so you can rotate seasonal items or clothes in and out of your storage unit – freeing up space in your home for gym class/schoolroom/library/office…whatever you need.

What look have you gone for in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!



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