Top tips to help you style your new home

Top tips to help you style your new home

When you buy a house it’s normal to be excited about filling it with all your things and making it feel like home. But have you thought about whether your existing furniture will fit in, or will you need to buy new furniture to suit the style of your new home?

These are our top tips to help you style your new home without breaking the bank.

Make it work

You may be pleasantly surprised at how a piece of furniture actually looks in a new setting.

Don’t instantly plan to ditch your old sofa when moving. Instead, live with it for a while. Play around with positioning, lighting, and the other items in the room until you feel like it is working for you.

Of course, if it just isn’t right then get yourself a storage unit and find a new alternate to fill the hole. Who knows, in two years time when you move again you may just find your new place has a spot perfect for that stored sofa!

Sometimes, up-cycling an old piece can give it a new lease of life. Get an old dresser that’s hiding in the loft and restore it.

From new upholstery to funky handles, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give old pieces a new feel. There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you stand a newly restored piece of furniture up and admire your handy work.

Mix & Match


Contrasting styles can work better than you may think at home, so trial different items together in various rooms to see what works and what doesn’t in each space. Some funky dining chairs for instance can really give your vintage pine table a new lease of life.

Get creative online

A great way to test out styles before committing to them is to explore online and create your own Pinterest boards.

With endless style inspo, you can get creative without making any costly mistakes. Also, building your own mood board will help you visualise what each room in your house could look like.

Little touches


Until you’ve decided on a style for your home, fill your rooms with vases of flowers and unique pieces of art. You can transform your space on a budget by just printing cool images and prints. Pair with vibrant frames to give your room a cool chic vibe.


Never get bored of the space by swapping your prints to suit your mood, season or even party! It’s the perfect, inexpensive way to experiment with different themes and colours in your new home.


Moving house is difficult enough. Make the process easier by planning your décor before you step through the door. Don’t be put off by chrome light fittings, wood trim or electric fireplaces (nothing goes well with these) because a little creativity, perseverance and DIY can fix them.

And most importantly, relax! You’ve already done the hard bit in moving, so now enjoy your new space and work the rest out as you go.

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