Top tips to kickstart a successful new school year

Top tips to kickstart a successful new school year

The end of long play days in the street, making new friends on camp and getting spoiled by grandparents is in sight.

The beginning of the school year can transform your child into a little rebel. But did you know that you can prevent – or at least reduce – the ‘back-to-school blues‘ by already taking some steps now? 

Bedtime routine


Gradually start by having you kid go to bed 15 minutes earlier. On the last mornings before school starts, you might even set the alarm clock again. This will avoid an abrupt switch (which usually results in morning madness!) when classes begin. The earlier you start, the easier it is.

School shopping

Encourage your child to assist you in planning the last week of vacation. Buying school supplies is something you can perfectly do and enjoy together.

That way you can compromise between ‘cool’ and functional. Moreover your kid will be more excited about using the cool stuff or wearing the outfit he got to pick out him or herself.


Good communication

Going back to school after two months with family and friends, it can be quite difficult and frightening for children.

Talk to your children about their worries or fears and be understanding. Nerves are normal, but highlight the positive elements: seeing their classmates again, picking up weekend activities like street dance lessons, swimming classes or football.

Plan ahead

One very simple rule here: whatever you can do in advance, do the evening before!

Organise your child’s clothes for the entire week, get the school bag ready and make lunch boxes. Those 5 minutes really do make a difference and might actually give you the chance to enjoy your coffee during morning chaos! Easier said than done, but start your day early and try to leave in time.


End with a party!

Ending the summer months with a barbecue or a back-to-school party can make the end of summer months much easier. Why not make a photo album or video? These kind of rituals create lovely memories!


Any good ideas or tips yourself? Please share!

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