Upcycling: Transform Your Furniture

Upcycling: Transform Your Furniture

Car boot sale, Shpock, Facebook Marketplace …
Finding a good furniture bargain in your local neighbourhood is straightforward.

Want it to become extra special? Well, that’s simple too.
A bit of time and some paint or new accessories can transform your old furniture.

Need some inspo? Here’s some simple style tricks to start upcycling.

Pedal to the metal

Metal furniture looks sleek, but if you want to add a modern twist – use spray paint. Wipe the frame with a cloth and leave to dry. Follow with a spray of metal primer, then paint with the colour of your choice. Once it is dry, finish up with a metal sealer.

We like pops of colour, or use rose-gold hues to be bang on trend.

Handle with care

Swap existing door handles with new feature knobs to get an upcycling style-win.

These little accessories should be comfortable to use but picking something distinct will instantly lift an older piece.

Go for rustic, modern, minimalist or eclectic – new handles will transform old furniture.

Paint it

The obvious choice for a makeover is a new coat of paint. Try a seasonal shade like ‘Living Coral’ or opt for shabby chic by actively destressing your furniture.

This is easy to do – fade new coats of paint with sandpaper. Focus on the areas that would naturally have the most wear and tear e.g. handles, corners… Furniture transformed.

Paper over the cracks…

Use wallpaper to add drama to pieces of furniture. Cover cupboards, shelves and drawers in wallpaper patterns to quickly add a fresh dimension.

The best idea for tables Is an oil cloth stretched over the top and stapled to the underside. Stylish and spill-proof!


Wax on, wax off…

Use finishing wax to stain untreated, cheaper looking wood. Simply brush over the wax, wipe away any excess with a clean rag and then leave to dry.

Have you found a gem in your local 2nd hand shop?
How did you bring it back to life?

Share your tips in the comments below.

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