Why do we feel proud when we’ve created something ourselves?

Why do we feel proud when we’ve created something ourselves?

You’ve created your own pallet chair or designed a fabulous new coat rack. Once you’ve finished, you can’t wait to show your DIY project to the world. You are as proud as a peacock.

But why exactly do we feel proud when we’ve created something with our own two hands? For once let’s dive into psychology to find the answer!

What is pride?

The definition of pride is ‘a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done something good’.

Which – according to research – contributes to our feeling of self-confidence.

A goal in mind

Let’s take the pallet chair or table as an example. Imagine that you’ve found (p)inspiration on the internet and maybe even got some expert advice. This will lead to a certain expectation of the end result, you now have a goal in mind.

So you get to work and start creating your own piece of furniture. When it’s finished, you realise it looks exactly as you had in mind. Maybe even better!

Thanks to your own effort and hard work, this project has become a success. You pulled it off! And this is exactly why you feel proud.

Recognition of others

Feeling proud is the result of good performance. But when is a performance good?

We rate our success on the amount of compliments we get from others. Your pallet table for instance, you want it to be as good – preferably even better – than your friends’ so it stands out and gets noticed. This is the stage where you are literarily fishing for compliments!

Social media

These compliments don’t necessarily have to come face to face. Also likes on Facebook count, or hearts on Instagram and Twitter. This explains why people love to share their creations on social media and show the internet how crafty they are.

All this to say, what are you waiting for? Get your hands dirty, share your creation with others and make yourself proud! You’ll find plenty of inspiration on our Shurgard blog.

Which DIY project are you most proud of? Share your comments below.

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